-5 Months-

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mackenzie, You are 5 Months Old! (On the 9th)
I cannot believe how fast time is flying!

We are absolutely crazy about you!
You are smiling and making noise all the time!

You don't love to sit in your Bumbo chair. You have figured out how to crawl over the side of it. I wanted this chair so bad and I just knew you would love it - I have learned a lot!!

You have not been sleeping through the night here lately (because of your recent pneumonia). I get you up at 7:30 on the weekdays.. You eat your oatmeal at Mrs. Sherry's, daddy picks you up about 4, daddy spoils you until I get home about 5:30, you get baby food at 6, bath at 7, Oatmeal at 7:30, and bed at 8. You are so easy to put to bed and I am so thankful that Mrs. Becky helped us to do that!

You love laying on your tummy! Most babies are working on 'Tummy Time' and we are working on back time. You hate to be on your back. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it is usually because you have rolled over and you just want back on your tummy.

Your daddy and I are absolutely crazy about you! Someone asked me today if I thought before you were born if my life would change... I knew things would be completely different, but I didn't expect my outlook on life would change as much as it did. You are such a huge blessing from God. We thank Him everyday for you. You have put a smile on complete strangers faces. I cannot wait to see you grow, but I am savoring this time with you. Babies grow way too fast!

-wear a size 2 diaper
-are in 3-6 months clothes
-never wear shoes :)
-love when I sing to you (and I cannot sing!!)
-are still eating 4-6 ounces of formula per feeding
-get oatmeal twice a day
-have been eating home made baby food
-smile and cackle all the time
-light up when me or daddy walk in the room
-love being outside
-get bored so easily!
-want your way all the time :)

You are still not holding your bottle. I am working really hard on this some days, other days I like to enjoy that you are still dependent on us :) You play with your hair when you are really sleepy, and you pull your bow out all the time! Something I never thought you would do! You are chewing on everything in sight, but still no teeth!

This is you at about 2 weeks old. Look how big this chair was! Now you can reach the toys on it! People say the same comments to us quite a bit... Our #1 by far is "Look at all that hair!!" -Your daddy's umpire paused the game a couple weeks ago just to come look at all your hair. People also so "Oh, what bright blue eyes" and "She is so beautiful"

Some things that I have learned since being a mom
-How to take a shower in 2 minutes
-How to change and diaper and make a bottle in record speed
-That God is SO Good!
-That sometimes, it is o.k. to let you cry

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  1. Those are good things to learn Cora! I miss that girl so much! I am SO glad she is feeling better!


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