{Daylight Savings Torture}

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

After getting home super late from the ball game, and having to
change time, it has made for a pretty rough start of our week!

Mackenzie is a creature of habit.
Ok, and so am I.

It has been some hard work on my part to entertain this girl until its nap/bed time. Thankfully, she has been so tired by the time she goes to bed (at 7:00!) that she has slept 11 straight hours both nights this week!

I will be glad to see more of the sweet smiles!

I am not sure if this is just a phase, but M has been throwing some awful fits :(
Like hitting any thing in sight {including me!} and screaming crying if she doesn't get her way. I am trying super hard to stay consistent with her, there are some days I have to put her in her bed and cry in my room for a few minutes and then I am okay!

Sometimes, we all just need a few minutes to ourselves....

So... after Mackenzie checked her E-Mail..

And tweeted to all her friends,

we decided we would get out of the house for a bit.

And off to Mrs. Melissa's she went!

This cracks me up. Sierra and Allie were doing all kinds of handstands, bridges and rolls and Mackenzie kept putting her head on the ground trying to do all the tricks too!

I had to carry her back to the house, because she didn't want to leave the girls!

We were headed to Target to just look around, and on the way I realized that I couldn't find my wallet! I searched in my car the best I could in the dark and decided to go to the store anyways since I had my debit card on me. I did end up getting a new top for $4.80!! and I have seen a tutorial on Pinterest for turning womens dress socks in to Baby Leg Tights so I grabbed a cute polka dot pair for $2.50!

I did end up finding my wallet the next day in my car.. it had fallen out of my purse and in to my passenger door! I had everyone searching for that stinkin thing!

Hopefully y'all are adjusting to the time change better than we are!!

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