{Nana and Homecoming}

Monday, November 07, 2011

I forgot to post last week that my sister came to town!

Mrs. Sherry took off on Thursday and Friday to go visit family, so we asked Hannah (Nana) to come watch Mackenzie. They had such a good time together. M does so good for Nana.. like freakishly good. On Friday, she took a 4 HOUR NAP! She hasn't napped that long in a while...

Friday, I did two closings all by myself at work! (I know I told y'all last week that my parents signed papers on a new company... I now work for them doing Abstract and Title work. I promise more on that this week.)

Anyways, my mom gets these really bad muscle spasms in her neck (I guess taking over a new business and having to put my Memaw in the nursing home stresses a girl out ya know?) so Mackenzie and I met her in Fort Smith when she got out of the doctor. We ate at El Chico's and M was tearing up her chips in tiny pieces before she would eat them. We started calling her Uncle Ricky, because he always did that.

Saturday morning, Mackenzie read her bible. haha!
I keep this on her night stand with her baby monitor, and she pulled it off, brought it in the living room, sat down in her chair and started flipping through the pages!

Then it was time to get ready to cheer on the HOGS!

I tried so hard to get pictures of her calling the hogs, but she does it so fast that I can only catch parts of it. I need to get a video of it!



My girl and I before we left!

Me, Mom, Shannon and Jessica at the game!

We are so glad the Hogs played better this week.. We had such a good time!

Mackenzie woke up as soon as I walked in the door at Dustin's parents. I thought she was going to jump out of the Pack n Play before I could get to her! Except for pulling poop out of her diaper, I am pretty sure she was good for her Grandma!

If you were worried, haha, we did get our pom poms at the game! My arm was so tired after using it all game! Annddd... LSU ended up beating Alabama! I really was shocked! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(oh and here is a short video of boss hog busting a move before the game.
seriously, we have the best seats! )

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