{Veteran's Day}

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's Day!!

We are so thankful for our veteran!

Dustin had to work yesterday, but after work he went with several of the other guys to eat and look around town.

This was my very first Veteran's Day to be off work. I have been in health care for the last 3 years and it obviously never stops for a holiday, but since the banks and the courthouses were closed yesterday, we got the day off too!!

Mom and I shopped a little bit yesterday and ate at Olive Garden! I had to take a picture of my screen since it was 11/11/11 at 11:11. We ran in to Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Carrie while we were at Warren's... I was so excited to see them and learn that they read this pitiful blog!!! {Hi Girls!}

After we got home, I got M from Mrs. Sherry's, and we cleaned up before we went to McDonald's with my neighbor, Melissa, and her two girls.

This was the best idea! I wanted to get Mackenzie out of the house, but it was too cold to go to a football game or the park. Even though we aren't brave enough to go up the tunnels, she still had fun playing with all the kids.

Before we left, a family came in with a boy a little older than Mackenzie and he followed her around the whole time. :) At first she kept running from him, but then he started giving her hugs, so she shared her slide. haha!

I needed to run to Walmart to get some diapers and dog food and I was so glad that Melissa and the girls came with me. They were such a big help pushing Mackenzie around :) I don't know how she does it... I feel like I say "Mackenzie, No!" or "Mackenzie, 1.....2....." constantly, I can't imagine having a double dose of the "no's" And in April, Melissa will have a triple case of the "no's"... she is having a baby boy around Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday!!!

Side story: Yesterday, Mrs. Sherry told me that she got mad at Carsyn and Mackenzie for squirting each other with their bottles {two months ago} and she took them away. I have been having the hardest time breaking M from her bottle so I am glad to know that Sherry has her drinking it out of a sippy cup now. She said she was so flustered that day that she completely forgot to tell me. So we also bought the exact Sippy cup that Sherry uses. Hopefully this works!

Our girls were glued to Mackenzie's Dvd Player we keep in the car. She watches the same Veggie Tales movie every single time we get in the car :)

I went to Melissa's after we got back and the girls were playing a dance game on the Wii. It was so funny watching all of the girls dance... It had to be even funnier when Melissa and I gave it a shot!

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