{sick day}

Monday, November 14, 2011

What a day!!

We ended up in the waiting room at the doctors office today..

I knew M had fever last night but associated it with all the drooling and assumed she was getting a new tooth. This morning, she was so congested and wheezy, so I knew we needed to get her seen!

It amazes me how not only is every child different, but parents know so much about each of their babies. I can see in this picture how bad she feels just by looking at those eyes!

And oh my goodness.. This baby doesn't sleep anywhere besides her bed, so for her to be sleeping on momma in the waiting room is unbelievable! I hate it when she is sick, but these times are the best cuddle times.

{I know this picture looks so sad, but it is what it is..}

M was running 102 temp when we got back to the nurse, she got Motrin and a breathing treatment before her fever went up to 103 :( after a chest Xray and ANOTHER breathing treatment, she started feeling much better. We usually do her breathing treatments every 4 hours so I got a little nervous when they wanted to do two in 30 minutes.

Thankfully she is feeling much better.. She took a long nap when we got home, we got her some medicine to help, and she ate a little bit of dinner before her bath time..

{I am obsessed with this girl}

Miss Priss was playing with some papers after we dried her hair..

And this cracked.me.up.

She grabbed the finger nail clippers that I had in the living room, then grabbed my hand and acted like she was cutting my nails. Such a girl!


I have been watching the Gabrielle Giffords story on ABC tonight and just sobbing. She has made such an amazing recovery since being shot in the head, but the reason I think it is so amazing, is how sweet her husband is. He is completely committed to her. By the way, how awesome is their wedding picture?

Hopefully we have a smooth night tonight.. Lots of breathing treatments for us in the next couple days.

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