{Homecoming on the Hill}

Saturday, November 05, 2011

It's Razorback Victory Day!!

We are heading up the hill in a few hours! Hopefully we make it to our seats early, there will be pom poms on all the seats, so we will have to get there before ours are taken!

Mackenzie is going to cheer on the Hogs at Grandma & Grandpas house!
I am sure she will still be awake when we pick her up around midnight.. She has too much fun to sleep when she is out at Washburn Valley!

I am loving her outfit that I made her a few weeks ago!
(I am going to have to make her another shirt.. she is just too tall!)



My [super talented] cousin, Kali, made this cute Razorback Pumpkin!

She even attached the spikes going across the back. Isn't this precious?

Hope everyone has a great Game Day! Really pulling for Alabama to beat LSU today! {There is a tiny possibility that if Bama wins and we win out, we could get a chance to go to the ROSE BOWL! Ultimate Check off from the Bucket List!}

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