Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted to make a new dress with some fabric I had found on the clearance at Hobby Lobby. I had a little helper :)

She sat in pure amazement watching the sewing machine!

The dress!

iPhone quality and the fact that I took it riding in the car make for an awful picture!

Jared and Cassen drove in from Denver to pick up their puppy, Gene!

We miss them already but are more than proud of them!!

Saturday, Mom, M and I went to Fayetteville to see my sister! Kaci put this on M while we were at Riffraff.. I LOVE this store! If you are ever in NWA, you should go check it out!

A girl was trying on a dress that Kaci wanted and it was taking forever for her to come out of the dressing room (there was only one dress left) so M and I went out on the square and had a photo shoot.

Erik pointed out to me that it looks like Mackenzie is holding
a camera taking a picture of herself :)

It was so beautiful on Saturday! I love how the sun was shining so bright in the pictures.

We stopped by Rick's Bakery also.. Kaci loves going here! It did not disappoint.

I got a Petit Four (I hope I spelled that right) I had to ask mom how to pronounce it just to order it :) and I would have snapped a picture of it but I devoured it on the way too the mall!

We were all too tired to shop so we dropped Kaci back off at her dorm and headed home!

Sunday, we went to church. We had an amazing Life Group, and Dustin and I had Nursery! We were in Room D this time! We are moving on up in the Nursery world.. haha! We were exhausted when we left!

Mackenzie is obsessed with the dogs and being outside....So when it is too cold for her to help daddy feed the dogs, I hold her so she can watch him. She was making window faces at him :)

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