9 Months!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mackenzie, you are nine months old!!

Your very first snow came on your 9 month Birthday!

And daddy also sold his jeep the same day..

You are the happiest baby I know! You always brighten our days!

I asked your daddy what we ever did before you were born...We really don't remember what we did? You are always the subject of our conversations.

I am currently in love with this picture... I love the swollen cheeks, the sleepy eyes and the big hair!

-You are weighing in at 19 lbs 3 oz and you are 28.5 inches tall... Both are in the 75%
-You still take formula, and you are the best eater! Mrs. Sherry usually tries new stuff out with you and then lets us know what you thought...Right now you are loving grilled cheese, strawberry wafers, granola bars, yogurt, rice, and green beans.
-You are waking up 1-2 times a night.. we are working hard on your sleeping, and we haven't gotten anywhere! You want your bottle, then you head right back to sleep.

This is your MOST FAVORITE toy! We hear this toy singing all day long.. we also hear you saying Dadda a thousand times a day! :) I have squeezed momma out of you a couple times. You love for us to play in the floor with you. You get bored very very easily, and you are VERY dramatic!

You still LOVE your bath time! If we don't keep the bathroom door shut, we can always find you standing up banging your hands on the tub! You get a bath every other night...

I have recently lost your comb, so we have started going in my bathroom to comb your hair out... You have a blast playing in front of the mirror, so we have been doing this a lot more lately..

A note from daddy:

Its 9 months now and we have had quite a trip. Had several bouts with pneumonia, sinus problems, and now an ear infection. Its been a long and rough ride but I am glad and have had a blast trying to keep up with you. You are getting so old and are so smart for only being 9 mos old. Your mother and I talk every night when we put you to sleep about how big you have gotten, and how fast you get through the house and how much we have to keep an eye on you. I cant wait until your 1st birthday because we get to throw you a party. Stinker, you are so pretty and love your smile even though you have one and a half teeth. Its precious, and yes your dad did say it is precious. I love you and cant wait until you wake up at 3 am for your mother to feed you!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA it will be me, cause mom fed you last night. Remember your mother and I will do anything for you and don't forget that and don't push it.
Love you Stinker

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  1. Does she need to come stay a few nights with mrs Becky?? You know I could get her sleeping through the night. :)
    Her hair is beautiful! I love the picture with her & the dog too. That's too cute!


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