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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday night, I went to Lacy's bachelorette party. She is getting married on Saturday and there were just a few girls that got together at Hillary's. My camera was dead, so I didn't get any pictures.. Boo! But we had a really good time.... I rolled in at 3 am. Yes. THREE! I never do that.ever.

Saturday morning, we slept in (8:00 am) Dustin ran some errands and I picked up house and of course played with Mackenzie! Duffy called and asked if we would meet them at Fuji's.. I HATED Fuji's the first time I went, and now I find myself craving it.

Pops whispers in Mackenzie's ear and she Loves it! I am crazy about the new outfit she is wearing that mom got her...

The high chairs were very very low to the ground so Duffy stacked two together and she was at our height... She was eating soup here. I love the death grip on the high chair.. Eating is serious business with this girl.

Watching the fire on the Hibachi Grill..

She was getting way too impatient for me to feed her
some rice so she took the spoon from me :)

When we got home Saturday night, M was wheezing pretty bad. After a breathing treatment and a very long and congested night, we got up early Sunday and took her in to the Dr.

Daddy and Mackenzie

The Verdict: Another ear infection.

Mackenzie is very congested and her throat is killing her, so she has decided to only swallow when she HAS to (See the shirt?) Mackenzie's cousin Eli lives in Texas and the poor boy has gotten all of his teeth nonstop.. I text Cary and asked if E had taught M to drool and turns out they were dressed a like Sunday... I love it! :)

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