Cleaning, Black eye and Car seats!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday night, we went to Jared and Cassen's (old) house and cleaned! The movers packed all their stuff up last week and took it to Colorado. Their house was being shown on Saturday so we cleaned it up for them.

Checking to make sure there was no dust or Gene hair on the window seal :)

Mackenzie didn't get to stay for very long... Dustin took her home so she could go to bed.

I am really trying to clean out my spare bedroom...which is going to take a true miracle. I had Mackenzie's cradle and vibrating chair in the room, so I loaded all of it up and put it in the living room.. Hopefully one day it will end up in the attic but who knows?

We put M in her seat to see what she would do. She played for 5 seconds then she flung herself out of it...She had moved on to bigger and better toys now. That chair was so two months ago! haha!

Someone spilled the dog food Saturday morning.....

Then we had Fish Sticks and Green Beans for lunch.

Mom, Mackenzie and I headed out the door to Fort Smith.. I told Dustin I left some fish and green beans on the stove.. He quickly said "I'll pass"

Big day for Mackenzie! We (Dustin) turned her car seat to face forward! :) She is one pound away from what they recommend... Her legs were way too crammed when it was turned backwards...

We went to Sam's on the hunt for Mom and Dyson Vacuum. Notice how Mackenzie is sitting? This could be the reason she got her first black eye in Target shortly after because she hit her face on the cart.

Ready for Church! Love her new dress from Nene!

with the matching coat of course! :)

Sunday night we went out to eat for Dustin's birthday.

We ate at TGI Fridays.. after we bought some new boots and baseball pants for Dustin.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. I think she is a little big for that bouncy seat! HAHA! That is too funny!

    I LOVE that dress!

  2. She looks ADORABLE in that dress!!


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