Monday, May 17, 2010

After church yesterday, Dustin and I drove to Booneville for Kaci's Baccalaureate

Kaci is in the doorway waiting to walk down
It was a nice service.. short, sweet, and to the point!

Duff, Kaci, and Mom

Kaci and I
She should not be old enough to graduate!

After Baccalaureate, we went to my parents house.
My Grandma Linda is in town from Florida to see Kaci graduate -
So she says - We think she really just wanted an excuse to see Mackenzie! :)
We had steak, shrimp, pasta salad and grilled veggies...
Here is Kaci teasing Mackenzie with Strawberry Pizza!

Last night was such a good night for TV!
After dinner we watched Miss USA Pageant, Survivor and Desperate Housewives.
I had to DVR Army Wives.

I really did not like Russell on Survivor... But it was really worth him making it to the end and not getting a single vote to win!!

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