Busy Weekend

Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Thursday, we went to Booneville to visit everyone!
I picked up Memaw and met Kaci at the nursing home...
Memaw got to see all her old nurses and friends

On our way back to Memaws, mom called and said Uncle Doogey and Aunt Pat were in town visiting... They met us at Memaw's house. Here is Aunt Pat and Mackenzie.

My sister, Hannah, came by too!
Here is Mackenzie and her Aunt Hannah

My sweet Memaw and Mackenzie

Today I went to a Pampered Chef party that Cassen was hosting, then Kaci and I drove to Russellville for Techs graduation.. Andie and Emily are on that back row!! I am so happy for them! They both majored in Early Childhood Education!

After graduation, Kaci and I went to visit Monica and Adyson! Monica and I did Oil and Gas together and I miss her so much!!!! Here is Adyson and Mackenzie..

Adyson is getting a new baby sister!! She was so sweet with Mackenzie.. she kept saying "Shh..Its okay." She is going to be such a great big sissy! She told me she was going to help mommy with dirty diapers until she witnessed just how dirty M's diaper was! haha! Adyson was very interested in the fact that I nurse Mackenzie...I hope Monica didn't have too much explaining to do tonight!

M was pretty fussy on the way home, so Kaci was rubbing her face from the passenger seat... Mackenzie grabbed her finger and put it in her mouth! I really do think we have a tooth coming in on the bottom.. I know that sounds crazy but it has been there for two and a half weeks now!

We had bath time and soon as we got home tonight! We LOVE bath time!
She looks so cute in her duck towel!

Tomorrow we are going to Kaci's Baccalaureate after church -
I cannot believe my baby sister is about to graduate!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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