-Memorial Day-

Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday night, we took Mackenzie to Starbucks for the first time with Jared and Cassen

Jared playing with the camera

Last night, we crashed Barb and Glen's "New Comer Cookout"...They had gotten a lot of food and ended up inviting our whole Life Group. We got Mackenzie in the pool and she loved it! I forgot to get some pictures :( Barb and Glen grilled some great food, and we got to know some of the newer members of our class a little better! One of the newer couples were headed out until Stina saw this in their vehicle.....

Not one but TWO Water Moccasins!!

Stina came running back in the house to get a hoe to kill the snakes... Of course Dustin darted out there to be in the action.. As Cassen would say - its a Washburn thing :) - Dustin pulled one of the snakes out of the vehicle with a hanger and Jason pulled the other snake out with a rake. They decided the snakes were probably in their lawn chair bags! We will never forget this!

Mackenzie got a bath after we got home.. I just love these hooded towels! Her flower ended up looking more like some Indian head gear.. We had fun making up cute Indian names for her!

This morning Dustin got a picture of Mackenzie and I sleeping with our hands on our heads... No she does not sleep in the bed with us. Her cradle in right beside my side of the bed.... After she got up this morning we fed her and she went back to sleep so we just let her snooze with us for a little bit!

She wakes up so happy!

We finally got out of our PJ's about 4:00 today! I love days like this! We took Dustin to his softball practice at Ben Geren and we went to Old Navy and Target. We got Mackenzie a couple of swim suits to go to the lake in.

I am always talking on here about Mackenzie's first this and first that, and tonight I was undressing her out of the most precious outfit and I realized that was probably the LAST time she would get to wear that! I never got a picture of her in it :(

Mackenzie and her daddy on Memorial day!
Happy Memorial Day Daddy!!

Here is sweet Dustin when he was in the Army!
He was just 19 in this picture! Such a baby face! :)

Thank you for everything you have done for us! We appreciate all of your hard work!
You will always be our hero! Love you!

Dustin's cousin Jeff left last night to head overseas - He will never forget this Memorial Day!

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  1. I cannot believe those snakes! We missed out!!

  2. FYI: Messing w/ snakes is not a "Washburn thing." It's a boy thing.

  3. Snakes!! Crazy!! That terrifies me!!!


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