Doe's and Seersucker Pants

Saturday, February 05, 2011

We got to get out of the house tonight! :)

This morning was pretty rough.. I woke up with a swollen throat and did not feel good at all. Thankfully, Mackenzie napped good today. All of our snow we have been getting completely melted today.

Mackenzie and I went out to eat at Doe's with my parents, Kaci, and Erik.

Erik's parents live in Texas.. Since the weather was so bad, they had to cancel their trip to NWA. It was the first birthday that he didn't get to see his parents, so I am glad we all got to go eat with him.

Erik's steak. He ate the entire thing! Mom, Kaci and I split a steak this size.

It was soo yummy!

Duffy and Mackenzie!

Kaci and Erik!

I worked on these sweet pants today while M napped...

I love the little bows on the sides..

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
Dustin went out to dinner and a movie with a friend of his.

Dustin and I are going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow night with our Life Group. I still don't know who I am going for.. I don't get in to the NFL as much as College Football.

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  1. LOVE the pants! You are SO good!

    I am going for the packers. I don't like either team but would prefer the packers to win.


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