Valentine's Party!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday night, was our annual Valentine Party. We always have so much fun with all the couples in our Life Group!

All the girls! Notice the beachy background? :)

The boys being so silly!

Gregory's catered our party, and the Chicken Enchiladas were to.die.for! We loved sitting with the Ames and the Brinkley's... even if Beau randomly breaks out in "Who let the dogs out?" :)

Dustin and I played the newlywed game and we tied the Brinkley's for the win! I did not get ONE question right! I never went with my first answer... but Dustin got every single question right and we went home with a Java House gift card! woo hoo!!

After the party, we went to the Meeker's house! We also went here last year after the party..

We played some Wii...

Here is Cully ( The ULTIMATE video gamer ) Dustin did really good playing this game! Of course because shooting is involved :)

Then Shaina suggested the boys try the Popsicle Pushup!

Getting the Game Plan.

This looks so hard

The girls giving it a shot. (Not me! I knew I was smart by wearing a dresss :)
Poor Jacque couldn't push up. She is so petite!

The 6 Man Popsicle Pushup!

Then the leg wrestling began!

I am thankful Dustin didn't rip his pants! haha!

Piper and Jasper wanted to leg wrestle too! They are precious!

The girls also kicked the boys tails in Catch Phrase! Thank you to my sister and Erik for keeping Mackenzie so we could go! They took her to La Fiesta and put her to bed for us! We had a blast!

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  1. You got some good pictures! I love the one with Jason & Dustin leg wrestling. It looks like Dustin is doing the splits in the air.

    You were smart to wear a dress b/c we def would have had you down there with us! :)


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