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Friday, February 04, 2011

We are on Snow Day #4 in the River Valley! It has been snowing since 8 this morning and has not let up at all. I am linking up to Kelly's Show Us Your Life Friday.

Today's Subject: What do you feed your kids?

Thankfully I have a wonderful eater! She only has two teeth, but she eats almost everything that we do. (I have Mrs. Sherry to thank for all the variety)

When we first started feeding Mackenzie baby food, we pureed everything ourselves. It was so healthy for her and so good to our wallets! I averaged $1 on what would have cost me $8 if I would have bought the pre made yucky stuff! I learned how to puree and got most of my recipes from Weelicious. She has wonderful recipes, and the foods are appealing to the kids!

Mackenzie's current favorites are
-Yogurt (Any flavor except Blackberry)
-Fish Sticks
-Green beans
-Fruit Granola Bars
-Yogurt Melts
-White Rice
-Grilled Cheese
-Scrambled Eggs
-Any kind of soup

Mackenzie also loves Spaghetti but it breaks her skin out so we try not to give her too many tomato based foods.. I hate it because she LOVES tomatoes!

Here is a video of Mackenzie a couple weeks ago after dinner. She wanted her wipe after I cleaned her face off, and the jabbering began! I laugh every time I see this video!

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  1. I am very impressed that you made all her baby food. You are such a good mama!!

  2. O my goodness! That video is SO precious!!!!!!

  3. Love the new background! Looks great and so are the pictures.


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