Must Haves: Months 9 & 10

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here are the items that Mackenzie has loved these past couple months!

Her Safety 1st Pooh Walker

I cannot believe she has grown up so much! Look at how little she was! She couldn't even touch the floor then.

These have been a life saver through this snotty nose season! When I got these at my baby shower, I was pretty doubtful I would use these very much. Boy, was I wrong! These wipes are made of saline and they get the job done! (And they smell wonderful! Weird, I know! haha)

This is one of Mackenzie's favorite toys! Aunt Audie got this for her for Christmas. Any movement activates the baby and she bounces up and down. It is so sweet watching Mackenzie mock her.

She is also loving this toy right now too! It actually crawls across our hardwood floor, and the face lights up when music is playing. This keeps her very entertained.

She has a ton of toys that she switches playing around with... I am just too tired to think of what else she has :) I haven't left the house in 2 days and the cabin fever is starting to hit! Mackenzie is going to Mrs. Sherry's tomorrow, so I can fill out some paperwork for my new job!!

Tomorrow night is our Life Group Valentine Party at the church! I can't wait!

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