{more halloween fun!}

Thursday, November 03, 2011

On Halloween, we headed to see family after we took pictures from my last post.

Like I had said, Mackenzie is still too young {for us} to trick or treat so we just went to visit some family...

I was going to take her out of the tutu dress, but she had her grips on the sucker Mrs. Melissa gave her so we shoved the tutu in the car seat!

Mackenzie being a scarecrow was perfect, she could run around and mess
her hair up, and still look like the part :)

We stopped by my parents house..

.. and ate Imma Jerk BBQ!

Then drove to Dustin's parents house and visited with them for a while!

Side Note: Halloween marked the 2nd Anniversary for Danny and his very last treatment for cancer. We can't believe that he has been cancer free for two years already. Time flies.

Since Mackenzie wouldn't wear her hat, Granny put it on! :)

Mackenzie found her Granny's marble collection and loved putting them into her cute bucket!

We had a really good Halloween.. would have been even better if Dustin was able to be here with us! I have never really been a really big fan of Halloween, I just never liked the scary things that go along with it, BUT dressing this sweet girl up was super exciting this year! Hopefully I get into it a little more when she gets older.

Really looking for to Thanksgiving! I am in the middle of a new swing top/ruffle pants for Mackenzie with the cutest turkey on it! I can't wait to see it once it is finished!

Hope everyone is having a great week! It is almost Friday!!

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