{Trick or Treat}

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Mackenzie was a little scarecrow this year.. My mom had pinned the cutest Scarecrow picture on Pinterest a while back, and we kind of made it our own. At first, I couldn't decided between that or Elmo {since M is obsessed with Elmo} so I made two costumes this year :)

I love how her costume turned out!
She was definitely not a fan of the hat though.. Who wants to hide those cute pig tails anyways?

I made her tutu dress out of green/brown/tan tulle, and added the sunflower in the front.. It also hides where the ribbon is attached to make it a halter top.

And check out those blue jean boots! Those were one of our finds at the Growing Kids Sale a while back. It was all (thrown) together pretty nicely. haha!

Wouldn't you know that this sweet girl would get a tiny black eye on Halloween? It didn't bruise too bad, I just had to laugh when I picked her up. Her and Carsyn are always up to something at Mrs. Sherry's!

I was kind of nervous about putting make up on her face.. I didn't think she would sit still long enough for me to get it on there, but she sat so still! I really think she enjoyed it! What little girl wouldn't love that?

It didn't last super long though, she kept rubbing it so it was smeared by the end of the night!

Dustin had to be out of town the last couple of weeks, so he wasn't able to be here. We were pretty bummed, but thanks to FaceTime, we were able to see each other and talk. Mackenzie was having a hard time balancing the sucker from Mrs. Melissa and the phone :)

This was as good as we could get with the hat on!

I honestly finished this hat right after I got home from work. Procrastinate much?

We went to visit my parents {who signed papers on a business yesterday! woop woop! Thats a whole post on it's own though}. My aunt and uncle came to town after we had to admit Memaw in to the hospital for a TIA so we ate with them and headed to Dustin's parents. We decided M is still a little to young to trick or treat.

I will try super hard to post all the family pictures tomorrow night! And I need to get some pictures of Mackenzie in her Elmo costume as well. I plan on keeping these costumes.. It will make perfect 'dress up' outfits for Mackenzie!

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