Change of Plans

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Took Mackenzie to the Pediatrician this morning to get her Pre-op paperwork done.. 

I mentioned the bleeding incident she had in the lab the other night to the Dr, and she calmly said "Mom, I am canceling her surgery as of right now" (And by the way, she is the only person who can call me Mom besides Mackenzie.. I hate when others call me Mom!!) Anyways..... She said that we couldn't take any chances on the ENT getting in to surgery and her bleeding uncontrollably. 

We had to go downstairs and get lots and lots of blood work done after that. Mackenzie sat in my lap and the two lab techs worked together to get everything they needed. She ended up with a sucker from the Pediatrician and two suckers from the lab, and they hooked her up with the hot pink wrap for her arm. 

Mackenzie has been learning a lot of things at Sherry's lately. She has been talking my ear off. So in with "Nananana Boo Boo" and "I wanna help you" she has also picked up "Don't do that again!" And she wasn't shy to tell the lab tech that!

We will reschedule her surgery after we get all of the lab results back in. I did get a call today that there was one test completed (for blood clot) and it came back normal. 

In other random news, M asked for ranch dressing last night with her pizza. She has hated ranch since we tried giving her a tomato from a salad with ranch on it. I was definitely surprised when she requested it. 

I have to get off here and watch the Revenge Season finale! I'm hooked!! 

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