Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I have been stalking the internet trying to find some options for Mackenzie's dress for the wedding, and these are about the only ones I found that I completely love. My dress and my sisters dresses are all chiffon, and I want Mackenzie's dress to be chiffon too if we can. I just love how flowy the material is.... So here are my selections so far..


This one shoulder dress would really go good with Hannah and
 Kaci's dresses, but this one is satin.

And I pretty much LOVE every single thing about this dress. I love how innocent it is. Can't you just see it on the beach? Or IN the beach, since I can't help but picture the way we are going to keep M out of the water for the ceremony... Oh well!

This is the dress that Taelan and Kelsey wore for Jennifer's wedding a few weeks ago in Florida. This dress is so much fun! I might borrow Tae's to try on Mackenzie to see how it looks on her!

And finally, this dress is precious BUT it only comes in pink and white on this website. BUMMER!! I am going to see if I can find it online anywhere else in white.

So there you have it! My choices so far for a dress for Mackenzie!

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