Last Weekend

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Last weekend was a busy one.. it just flew by.

Friday night, we hung out on the back deck. Mackenzie got her shirt wet and insisted that she take it off. Dustin got me an amazing outdoor chair, and M loves reclining in it!

She always wants to "Dwink Toffee wif Mommyyyy" on the weekends :)

Mackenzie is OBSESSED with Sock Monkey... if you couldn't tell! My cousin, Kali, ordered this sock monkey for Mackenzie's very first Christmas, and M cannot sleep without it! In fact, a few weeks ago when we were in OKC for Kali's birthday, we had to make a target run because I forgot Sock Monkey at home. The new one is the original sock monkey colors, and she plays with it in the living room now.

I know this looks funny, but this is what Mackenzie has always done when she is sleepy. She takes the tag and rubs her nose until she falls asleep... Its so sweet when she is laying in bed.

I finished M's swim top on Saturday during nap time.... I'm obsessed with this. I just think it screams Southern! I plan on making a pale blue one with a big red anchor embroidered on it! Oh and she will have bottoms, but I ran out of Seersucker material!

Saturday afternoon, Mom, Mackenzie and I met Hannah in Subiaco for Jamie's wedding. We had a lot of fun... Jamie had coloring books for the children at the reception. Very Smart Idea!!

Sunday morning, we were up super early.. M gets up at least 45 minutes earlier on the weekends, so I drank my coffee on the back deck while she played in her sand.

After church and a short nap, we went to a Dunkin Doughnuts party. They opened the following Tuesday, and my parents had gotten an invite to the party so we went to try it out. It was really good.

After the party, we ran a few errands with mom and kaci... and we came home to find the new pool Pop had picked up for M on his way home.

I attached the handle bar that is for the slide all by myself and we filled it up with water.

It was sooo cold! But this girl went down the slide dress and all!

We had a great weekend! Can't believe its almost time for another weekend. This week has flown by, but it's been a pretty tough week. Dustin has been busy at work, so I haven't gotten to see him as much as I would like.. Hopefully things will start calming down.

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