Wedding Wednesday: Groom Addition

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are 5.5 weeks away from the big day! I cannot believe how fast time is flying by... I need life to slow down just for the moment! 

The Wedding Planner that we hired has been so so so good! I have seriously not done hardly anything and haven't worried about a whole lot. She just emails me when she needs another thing checked off the list, and I will email her back with our decision. 

Kaci asked me this weekend what earrings I wanted her and Hannah to wear. I joked with mom that I honestly hadn't even thought about it, because Janelle (our wedding planner) hasn't emailed me asking what earrings my sisters will wear. haha... maybe I should start pulling all of this Hod Podge together!

Anyways.... while mom was cooped up in the house after her surgery, she found this on Dillard's website. This is the Perry Ellis Herringbone Linen pant and vest. I LOVE this! This has honestly turned out to be dressier than I had expected, and that all started with one of our first purchases.. My Dress. It's gorgeous, but that meant Dustin was going to have to dress a little more formal than I had planned. I first thought we needed to to a khaki pant and jacket to go with the look of everything else, but if you know Dustin at all, you know how wide his shoulders are. A jacket just wouldn't work. I think it would look too sloppy, and we don't have enough time to get it custom fit for him. 

We ran to Dillard's before we met Kaci to pick M up on Thursday night, and they had this set 40% OFF!!! The vests looked pretty wide, and since Dustin wasn't there to try it on, I was able to get the vest in two different sizes and I will return the one that does not fit. And I ordered the pants in his size while we were there.. they arrived yesterday! My dad is going to wear the same thing as Dustin, and I think it will look so nice on them! All we need for them are the white button down shirts!

This is the look we are going for on Dustin... 

AND, I have purchased Mackenzie's flower girl dress!

Kinda funny how everything has fallen into place for the wedding. I have to be honest, I have been praying a LOT that God show me that it is His will for Dustin and I to get married. I hope that doesn't sound awful, I just need the reassurance every once in a while and I do love Dustin, I just pray its God's will. And He proves that to me more times than I can count.  Anyways.... I have had a rough stinking week and that is putting it so nicely! To top everything off, I was sweeping off the back deck on Monday night and my sweet daughter was playing. I said "Mackenzie, where is mommy's phone?" She said "Oh phone!" and ran over to her bike. I knew at that point that she had put it in the cubby hole on the back of her Radio Flyer trike, but I didn't expect the cubby to be full of water. Yep, thats right. Iphone 4 in the freaking water! You have to be kidding me? Really? After the week I had? Dustin was quick to calm me down, and I went the next morning to get it fixed! (Thankfully it only cost me $20 and its back to normal!!) 

While I was in town, Mom and I ran into a couple of dress shops. Didn't find what we wanted, but the girl at Always and Forever had a rack downstairs that was discontinued dresses. My mom picked this US Angels dress off the rack and I fell in love right there in the basement of a dress shop. The only dress I liked and the only one she had in that style. Size 3T!!!!!!!! No way! We went back upstairs and put the dress up to dresses that looked similar to Hannah and Kaci's, and it is absolutely precious. Oh yea, and since it's discontinued, this $100 dress cost me $40! 

Like I said, things are just falling in place for this wedding! And let's hope they keep going this way! 

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